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# 1 How to Write an Awesome Annual Report (Webinar Recording)

Too often, we publish annual reports that are too long, too full of data people don’t want or need, and not focused enough on how giving impacts mission or people and communities served. Donors, volunteers, grant makers, and other key stakeholders want to know the results of your work, but they also want to know that their investments make meaningful change in real people’s lives. During this webinar recording we will show you how to craft an annual report that will inspire and engage your donors.
In this 90-minute webinar recording, you’ll learn:

  • What an annual report is supposed to do (vs. what many organizations use it for)
  • Sections you should include in an inspiring annual report
  • How to incorporate meaningful results
  • How to tell a story through your annual report
  • Publication options beyond print - social media, website, digital books

This Webinar Recording is Perfect for You, If…

  • You’re tired of writing a 15-page+ annual report every year.
  • Your donors don’t read your annual report.
  • You need to make your annual report more appealing to current and potential donors.
  • You want an update about best practices in annual reporting.

 This Webinar Recording Includes the Following Supporting Material

  1. Annual report samples in multiple formats
  2. Recommended annual report content outline
  3. A written annual reports do's and don'ts checklist
  4. The webinar recording and slides

What Attendees Said about This Webinar Recording:

"Last year I completed my first annual report. How I wish I would have taken this webinar prior to that! So super helpful and enjoyable, I will definitely be applying what I learned to next year's report. Thank you Heather!"

"Extremely valuable, loaded with tools, and concrete recommendations.  Thank you!"

"I so appreciate Charity How To and the presenters thinking through an all aspects of Development work. Few of us have the time to put together a really powerful Annual Report let alone think about the process and components -- but we should and I feel like you've motivated me to do so!"

"Really good with good examples and illustrations."

"I wrote my first annual report earlier this year within 4 weeks of coming on-board as my non-profit's marketing specialist. Talk about trial by fire! I had to figure out most things on my own, with very sporadic guidance, and few prior examples. So I was excited to hear of this webinar. It has helped me so much in understanding what I did, what I shouldn't have done, and how to get ahead of things and create something fresh, engaging and SIMPLE. Thank you so much for this content. I can't wait to start!!"

"This is a great session for people tackling their first annual report and the opportunity to have a 1:1 consultation after the session is very helpful. Thank you."

"The webinar equipped me with both the fundamentals and the inspiration for creating a succinct and engaging Annual Report for my organization."

"This webinar was very informative regarding Annual Reports.   I created the first annual report of our organization last year (Est. 2006) and it was well received.  As I am working on the AR for 2015, there are ways I've learned to improve our report and confirmation received for ways I presented the previous report.  Thank you."

#2 How to Create an Annual Report Infographic – A Step-by-Step Guide to Transition Your Paper Annual Report to an Infographic ( Webinar Recording)

Does your nonprofit publish an annual report? Is your annual report more than 10 pages long and takes months to prepare? Do you feel your nonprofit is behind the times with the way it presents information in the annual report?
If you answered “yes” to those questions, view our webinar recording on “How to Create an Annual Report Infographic” to learn how to use today’s digital publication trends to your advantage. Learn the how-to’s of annual report development within the infographic framework. Use the tips and tools you learn in this webinar to engage and inspire your donors.

During this 90-minute webinar recording, you’ll learn: 

  • Why and how infographics work (briefly)
  • Free and inexpensive online tools to create infographics
  • What you need to collect to create an infographic
  • How to write copy for an infographic
  • How to use numbers in infographics
  • How to use an infographic across multiple channels

 This Webinar Recording is Perfect for You, If…

  • You want to make creating an annual report easier, faster, and a more enjoyable experience for you.
  • Your donors don’t read your annual report.
  • You’ve noticed the trend away from written annual reports to digital ones.
  • You’ve seen infographics in social media and find them fascinating.
  • You are ready to transition your annual report to an infographic.
  • You want to create more visually compelling ways to compel gifts of time, talent, and treasure to your nonprofit. 

This Webinar Recording Includes the Following Supporting Materials

  1. Examples of exceptional annual report infographics from nonprofits across the country
  2. Power Words Tool

** This course is brought to you by a GPA approved trainer. Heather Stombaugh is one of only 15 people in the entire world who is a GPA approved trainer. **

Presented by Nonprofit Data Guru Heather Stombaugh, MBA, CFRE, GPC. Heather has more than 15 years of experience in nonprofit leadership, programming, marketing, and fundraising. She is the founder and principal consultant of JustWrite Solutions, LLC a national nonprofit consulting firm based in Ohio. Heather practices and teaches integrated fundraising and nonprofit management by measurement. She provides technical assistance to nonprofits of all sizes across the country who seek to gain a competitive advantage in fundraising and grants through evidence-based practices, such as needs assessment, meaningful measurement, evaluation, clinical research, and Social Return on Investment. While personally raising more than $67M in grants and donations for her nonprofit clients, Heather is also a published author, a peer-reviewer, a state/federal grant reviewer, a local/national presenter, a volunteer, a mentor, farmer, a wife, and a mother. Connect with Heather on LinkedIn.

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