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Grant Writing 101: How to Write a Competitive Fundable Grant! (On Demand)

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Author: Diane Leonard, GPC
Duration: 75 Minutes
Course Level: Beginner
Year Created: 2018
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This course is brought to you by a GPA approved trainer. Diane Leonard, GPC is one of only fourteen people in the entire world who is a GPA approved trainer.

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How is this premium on-demand tutorial different from live webinars or recorded webinars?

  1. When you purchase this premium on-demand tutorial you get instant online streaming access.
  2. You can click from chapter to chapter to easily navigate the tutorial. Watch. Listen. Practice. Learn
  3. This is a streamlined condensed version different from the webinar or recording and it doesn't include unnecessary dialogue that wouldn't be useful for you.
  4. This premium on-demand tutorial also includes the bonus materials, see below.

Viewing  the premium on-demand tutorial  “Grant Writing 101: How to Write a Competitive Fundable Grant” will provide you with the basic knowledge and understanding of crafting the numerous components of a grant application that will be successful in securing funding.

During this premium on-demand tutorial we will discuss how to create compelling grant application elements that tell a story. We will focus on how to use the common key elements to create a competitive grant application that tells a story which engages the grant reviewer and clearly outlines how you will use the requested grant funds to achieve the stated goals and objectives. We will look at individual samples of previous applications and discuss how to strengthen them in order to be more competitive and more successful in securing grant awards.

Watching “Grant Writing 101: How to Write a Competitive Fundable Grant” will give you a strong framework for your grant writing efforts to ensure that you are putting together highly competitive grant applications and ultimately achieving your desired grant funding success.

What You Will Learn From This Premium On-Demand Tutorial 

  • How grant applications vary by funder type
  • What are the common key elements of a grant proposal
  • How to develop an initial outline for a grant application
  • How to create compelling grant application elements that tells a story including:

- Cover Letter
- Executive Summary
- Statement of Need
- Project Description
- Budget
- Organization Capacity

This Tutorial is Perfect For You If…

  • You are new or relatively new to the field of grant seeking; or
  • You are looking to increase your success percentage and craft more competitive grant applications.

This Premium On-Demand Tutorial Includes the Following Supporting Materials:

  1.  A proposal development tool to help create your grant outline.
  2.  A checklist for success to use before submitting all grant applications.

Presented by Grant Writing Expert Diane H. Leonard, GPC Diane H. Leonard, GPC is an experienced and highly respected grant professional who has provided grant development counsel to nonprofit organizations of varying size and scope for more than a decade. Clients she serves include health care providers, advocacy organizations, social services agencies, elementary and secondary schools, and municipal corporations. Diane is an active member of the Grant Professionals Association and is proud to have earned her Grant Professional Certification, a credentialed certification conferred by the Grant Professional Credential Institute.

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Grant Writing 101: How to Write a Competitive Fundable Grant!

Synopsis: How to Write a Competitive Fundable Grant

Author: Diane Leonard

Category: Nonprofit Grants

Course Level: Beginner
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This product is no longer available, sorry for the inconvenience!