How to Create Super Successful Silent Auctions (Recording)

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    A.J. Steinberg
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Silent auctions -  love ‘em or hate ‘em? Either way, it’s an undeniable fact that they are crowd-pleasers, revenue-raisers and they are here to stay.

It’s time to take control of your silent auction and learn strategies for minimizing stress and maximizing auction revenue.


  • Having committee and board members enthused about soliciting donations
  • Putting systems in place to easily categorize and track your auction items
  • Creating enticing auction displays and simple-to-use bid sheets
  • Learning tactics for efficient close out and cashiering of your auctions

What You Will Learn from this Recorded Nonprofit Webinar

Section 1: Starting Out Right

  • How to Get Organized
  • How to Have a Strategy
  • How to Prepare for the Logistics
  • How to Be Enthused
  • The Pros and Cons of Mobile Bidding

Section 2: Soliciting Donations

  • How to Start With Your Committee and Board
  • Door-to-Door Solicitations
  • Online Solicitations
  • Personal Relationship Solicitations
  • Beware of Free Stuff

Section 3: Tracking and Categorizing Donations

  • How to Categorizing Items
  • Rules of Thumb for Bundles, Baskets and Gift Cards
  • How to Create an Auction Tracking Sheet

Section 4: Creating Display Sheets and Bid Sheets

  • Creating Display Sheets
  • Creating Bid Sheets
  • Names vs. Numbers ·        

Section 5: Displaying Auction Items

  • How to Determine Auction Size and Create Schematics
  • Table Set Up Options
  • How to Display Large and Bulky Items
  • How to Display Jewelry and High Value Items           

Section 6: Transporting and Storing Auction Items

  • Tips for Packing and Transporting Items
  • Tips for Storing Items at the Venue

Section 7: Close Out and Check Out Protocols

  • How to Be Clear About Your Protocols
  • Simple Close Out and Check Out Protocols
  • Strategies for Notifying Winners

Section 8: Unclaimed and Unsold Items

  • What to Do With Unclaimed Items
  • What to Do With Unsold Items

Section 9:  Professional Auction Services

  • The Joys of Professional Auction Services
  • The Negatives of Professional Auction Services

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials:

  1. Sample Auction Wish List
  2. Sample Donation Solicitation Letter
  3. Sample Donation Intake Sheet
  4. Auction Tracking Sheet Template
  5. Sample Bid Sheet
  6. Sample Display Sheet
  7. Auction Invoice Sample
  8. The Webinar Slides

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar: 

“I am preparing my first silent auction ever, and this Webinar was extremely helpful for planning and organizing the entire process.”

Elaine Pirozzi, Live It Learn It

“AJ has so much experience. I really appreciated her sharing what works from having done auctions for so many years. It was incredibly valuable to learn what is tried and true and why she makes the choices she makes.”

Eileen Robinson

“This webinar was very informative on running a successful silent auction from the very beginning (collecting items) to the end of the event (checkout). Covered every aspect very well.”

Jamie Camburn, Lenawee Humane Society

“I am new to planning silent auctions, and I feel very well equipped to get together my planning committee and get started!”

Nola Knouse, Moravian Church in America

“The information was easy to understand, well presented and engaging. I'm ready to work with our committee and take on this year's silent auction!”

Jane Fletcher, After the Harvest

“AJ was so knowledgeable of how to run a successful silent auction!  She took the time to address everyone's questions and provided some new insight.”

Kerilyn Sato, Asian Americans Advancing Justice - LA

“AJ is very knowledgeable and gave me different ways to think about the topics that often come about in my event planning”

Rachel Williams, Prevent Cancer Foundation

“One of the best webinars I have attended.  Very knowledgeable with tools to be successful” 

Brian Banks, Nutrition for Learning

“We have done Silent Auctions at our conferences for years, but I definitely picked up some great tips and ideas for improving our auction and making it more efficient.”

Lisa Sorenson, Birds Caribbean

“I have done several silent auctions as part of a fundraising event and learned some new things that will help our team improve!”

Jillaine Burton Seefeldt, Open Door Bird Sanctuary

“A.J. offered very useful information and tips. I'm excited to start planning my silent auction now!”

Heather Wood, Partners Healthcare

“This was very informative and had great information to share.  Kept the listener interested.”

Maryanne Mitchell, Ginnie´s House

“I picked up some great additional tips to conducting my auctions.”

Carla Dawejko, Cornell University

About Your Topic Expert

A.J. Steinberg has been creating outstanding special events since 1999 with her Malibu, California-based event production company, Masquerade Events.

In 2015 A.J. created Queen Bee Fundraising, which focuses on the art of nonprofit event management. Along with producing nonprofit events, A.J. consults and teaches strategies for producing successful fundraising events and effective volunteer committee leadership. 

A.J. works with a broad spectrum of nonprofit clients, including The Jane Goodall Institute, Cystic Fibrosis, BreatheLA and Union Rescue Mission. She is a recognized leader in the field of committee-based fundraising.


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