How to Plan a Super Successful Special Event - A Step by Step Guide (Recording)

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Do you feel overwhelmed when faced with the task of planning a gala?  Do you feel there is little gain for all the pain preparing for your special events?  Have you and your staff experienced event burnout?

It’s not just you – there are thousands of nonprofit professionals all over the world questioning why they can’t create engaging and profitable fundraising events.

It isn’t your fault. How can you be expected to create professional-level fundraising events when you aren’t a highly-trained event planner with decades of in-the-trenches experience? 

Newsflash:  The tools you need to succeed with special events are here!

  • Put the days of ineffective committees behind you
  • Eliminate frustrating planning meetings that waste time and accomplish little
  • Learn the strategies to create “ask-enthused” volunteers who are excited to solicit donations and sell tickets
  • Get the strategies professionals use to create meaningful stage programs and highly profitable stage Appeals 

Your presenter, A.J. Steinberg, is on a mission to make professional-quality events possible for any and all nonprofit organizations – whether they have a staff of two or 2,000.
As a nonprofit event producer, A.J. understands the pain organizations go through when trying to create engaging and profitable special events. After twenty years of creating successful fundraisers, she has created a simple system that allows small-shop nonprofits to create professional-quality events that will shoot revenues sky-high and create meaningful guest experiences.

 What You Will Learn from this Recorded Nonprofit Webinar

 Step 1: How to Lay the Foundation for a Successful Event

  • How to determine your event’s goals & type of event that best fits your demographics
  • How to choose a venue well-suited to your event
  • How to select a date for your event that avoids conflicts
  • How to price your event tickets to be attractive to potential guests

Step 2: How to Set Up a Rock Star Event Committee

  • How to use the “Queen Bee” theory to boost your event committee’s effectiveness
  • How to identify and recruit event chairs and committee members
  • How to maximize your event committee’s resources

Step 3: How to Create Your Guest Mailing List and  Event Invitations

  • How to create your guest mailing list and guest tracking spreadsheet
  • How to create effective Save The Dates and invitation suites
  • How to keep track of RSVPs and donations for your event
  • How to turn your guest tracking spreadsheet into a seating chart & schematic 

Step 4: How to Determine if your Event needs a Silent and/or Live Auction

  • How to determine the pros and cons of hosting a silent and live auction 

Step 5: How to Find and Manage Event Volunteers

  • How to reach beyond your usual volunteer team
  • How to create a volunteer job schematic
  • How to communicate effectively with your volunteers
  • How to manage your volunteers on the day of your event

Step 6: How to Manage The “Day Of” On Site Coordination

  • How to communicate with your vendors and event team
  • How to schedule deliveries, set up and break down
  • How to lead your team to success
  • How to troubleshoot common event problems 

Step 7: How to Create a Stage Program that is Engaging and Compelling

  • How to plan your stage program and choose honorees, speakers, and entertainment
  • How to choose emcees and auctioneers
  • How to include an AMAZING appeal or fund a need in your stage program
  • How to create your Run Of Show

Step 8: How to Sow the Seeds for Next Year’s Success

  • How to review and assess your event
  • How to show appreciation to donors,volunteers, and guests
  • How to get your committee to sign on for next year’s event 

You’ll Get These BONUS Materials: 

  1.  Auction Display Sample
  2. Auction Wish List
  3. Ballroom Schematic
  4. Committee Task Outline
  5. Donation Form
  6. Donation Solicitation
  7. Guest List Spreadsheet Example
  8. Guest List Tables
  9. Sample Event Timeline
  10. Sample Run of Show
  11. Volunteer Matrix Template
  12. Thank You Letter
  13. Talk to A.J.
  14. The Webinar Recording & Slides

What Attendees Said about This Nonprofit Webinar:

“It was very informative. It added a lot of the little things that event planners need to know about planning a variety of events.”

Megan O’Brien, Northwest Special Recreation Association

“This has a lot of good tips on how to organize, and all the details you have to think about, which you may not realize if you haven't run an event before. The downloadable materials look like they would be extremely useful.”

Sandra Larkin

“I was very impressed by the knowledge and organization of our presenter.  My whole team took away several useful nuggets. Thank you!”

James Torrible, Novant Health

“Great flow of information focusing on "what to do" and "how to do it". Looking forward to seeing the resources available in the library. I believe it will take the stress out of organizing and running our upcoming event.”

Maura Goessling, Yarmouth Historical Society

“I thought the webinar was very informative!”

Khamara Pettus, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Minnesota

“It greatly enhanced my knowledge and I will surely use some ideas presented. Thanks.

Susie Jennings, Operation Care International

“As a first-time Developer Manager, this training has been extremely beneficial. I feel more equipped to prepare for the different stages of an event and recruit the necessary people for it. A.J. was clear, helpful, engaging and very organized. I absolutely loved the webinar!”

Diana Pinto, Wellspring Counseling

“A.J. is very knowledgeable on the topic of event planning. She shared great tips!”

Jennifer Sullivan, SkillBuilders Fund

“I really appreciated all the information shared. The speaker had great knowledge and was generous with her experiences and expertise.”

Kaylee Vaughn, ONE

"I learned a lot of information in a short time.  Great for Development Director guidance for event planning.”

Kelli Clawson, Harford Family House

"This webinar gave me excellent guidelines and processes to plan our annual gala.”

Cara Penry, Finance Fund

About Your Topic Expert

A.J. Steinberg, founder of Queen Bee Fundraising, has been creating outstanding special events since 1999. 

In 2015 A.J. created Queen Bee Fundraising which focuses on the art of nonprofit special event management.  Along with producing nonprofit events, A.J. teaches volunteers and professionals the strategies for producing successful fundraising events, along with guidance on how to successfully lead volunteer committees to achieve their goals.

A.J. works with a broad spectrum of nonprofit clients including The Jane Goodall Institute, Cystic  Fibrosis, BreatheLA and Union Rescue Mission, A.J. is a leader in the field of committee-based fundraising.

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